Inflammation and What To Do About It

There is one commonality that seems to exist among multiple illnesses. From obesity to depression, from diabetes to heart disease, internal inflammation is a large component. Normally we associate inflammation with the swelling that accompanies a bee sting, for example. However, inflammation can be on the inside of our bodies and can be chronic. Chronic…


High Grade Calls for Submissions

High Grade’s Call for Submissions is now open! Students, faculty, and alumni are welcome to submit art, poetry, fiction, and original music to High Grade, CSM’s literary arts journal. Submit at highgrade.mines.edu/submit.html Deadline: Friday, September 29th. To apply to join our staff or if you have any questions, please email us at highgrade@mines.edu!


AlphaTraz Kicks off E-Days

On Wednesday, April 19 of E-days, Alpha Phi hosted their annual AlphaTraz fundraising event. Leaders on campus were invited to participate as “jailbirds.” They set their bails and invited friends, club members and teammates to donate money to either bail them out or raise their bail. Since AlphaTraz is one of the first E-Days events,…

Alisha Eskew

Talking Body

Feb. 27-Mar. 3 is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. Eating disorders, which are often misunderstood, are classified as mental health disorders because that is exactly what they are: mental illnesses expressed with disordered eating behaviors. There are many different manifestations of eating disorders (EDs). The three main EDs are anorexia nervosa (deliberate starvation accompanied by…

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