Frights for your Friday nights

October is almost here and that means it is nearly haunted house season. A pastime enjoyed by everyone from tweens to seniors, haunted houses create the spooky environment needed for Halloween. Whether you go for the adrenaline rush or just to watch your friends freak out, haunted houses are a great way to spend a weekend night in the month of October. This month, weekly haunted house reviews will be searching for the most frightening Friday night.

News for this haunted house season includes Thirteenth Floor’s move to a new location. Now closer to downtown at 1-70 and Brighton Boulevard, Thirteenth Floor promises a much larger and scarier venue. Also new is special event known as blackout night where you navigate the haunted house with only a glow-stick to guide you. The Thirteenth Floor looks promising for a guaranteed great time.

Here are some tips for your haunted house adventures:
1. Bring a Coat! – Most haunted house lines are outside and will be long! It is important to stay warm and comfortable prior to your haunted house experience.
2. Wear Comfortable Shoes – Make sure shoes are comfortable enough to stand in. Generally the security guards patrolling the line don’t like it when those waiting sit down. Also the lines may be muddy, don’t where brand new designer loafers, they might not survive the journey.
3. Bring Your Friends – Haunted houses are much more exciting when you can throw your big friend between you and a frightening ghoul. More laughs are guaranteed with friends versus a date or going solo. However don’t bring too many friends to avoid being split up. Usually haunted houses have a limit of 6 people per group.
Remember to join in next week for the first Haunted House review!

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