Important parking updates

Last week, there were two major developments in the campus parking situation. Golden City Council recently added a one block section of 15th street, from Washington Avenue to Arapahoe Street, to the city parking permit district. This parking permit district requires a permit from Golden and does not recognize any Mines permits.

This change was announced in a campus wide email by the Director of Facilities management, Gary Bowersock, on September 20. However, many students appeared to have missed this announcement since there were close to twenty cars with courtesy warnings on their windshields Thursday afternoon.

Student opinion is strongly against these changes with many considering it unfair that half of the block in question is surrounded by CSM property on both sides. Furthermore, many students argue that the new arrangement is confusing and inconsistent. Elsewhere, the parking on the same side of a street as CSM property is fair game for student parking passes. Gary Bowersock has stated that CSM is trying to obtain some parking permits for this block for the CSM. Updates will be provided by The Oredigger as they become available.

Gary Bowersock also announced the introduction of metered only spots in lots B, D, E, O, CT, and I. The intent of these changes is to make more spaces available for visitor parking. These changes do not restrict visitors to metered spots only. However, you must have a current meter receipt or a daily handtag to park in the labeled metered only spots. The usage of these spots will be monitored so that the number of spots can be adjusted depending on usage.

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