Celebration of Mines has a Successful Return

by Zachary Barry

With the move to all in-person learning for the fall 2021 semester and the loosening of some COVID19 induced restrictions, clubs and other extracurricular activities are once again offering Colorado School of Mines students a break from the daily grind. Friday the 27th of August saw the return of “Celebration of Mines,” a chance for students to meet with representatives from different clubs, student organizations, fraternities, sororities, departments on the Mines campus, and local businesses. The event went on hiatus last fall, as did in-person meetings for many of the clubs and organizations present, but returned triumphantly with all the glorious free goodies juniors and seniors remembered. 

With over 150 different booths, this year’s celebration of mines had something to offer everyone. For many first-year, and second-year students for that matter, this year’s celebration of mines was their first opportunity to meet new people on the campus who shared a similar interest. Are you passionate about Slacklining, Ballroom Dancing, Ethics, Medieval Combat, or Cars? Clubs and Organizations for all those interests, and more, were present at Celebration of Mines. Do you want to learn more about professional societies for your major, or societies for Women, Blacks, Asians, or other minorities in STEM? Celebration of Mines also provided the opportunity for students to start building or expand their professional network. If you were there you already knew these things, of course. If you decided not to attend, you can still view a whole list of the groups who attended Celebration of Mines with hyperlinks to each of the organizations on Mine’s website. 

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