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This week in Colorado History: October 11-October 17

The Economy, Farms, and Politics: A solution to current events…
The Golden Weekly Globe of October 11, 1873, begins by discussing issues common to October 11, 2010, but offers considerably different solutions. The article “Go West, Young Man” begins by stating that, “One result of the financial difficulties now before us will be the throwing out of employment of numbers of laborers in all of the large cities and towns.” For those currently seeking a job, this seems to again be a statement of the obvious. It is doubtful, though, that a graduating Mines student is too interested in the author’s solution to the problem. He establishes that, “The inland regions are not only blessed with a profusion of food, but are suffering from a dearth of labor,” and suggests that those in need of work rapidly depart for the Midwest to shuck corn. If Career Day and Info Sessions do not end well, this is always an option.

Accurate method of fold interpretation revealed

On October 7th, Rick Groshong, consultant and PetraSkills instructor, came to talk about fault-related fold interpretation as part of the Van Tuyl lecture series. After receiving his Ph.D. from Brown University, he worked in the oil industry for about 10 years. He then went on to teach at the University of Alabama for 20 years. He is now a “semi-retired consultant geologist”. “So this is what I do for fun,” Groshong laughs.

Professor breeding program facing setbacks

Schools across the country have been experiencing setbacks in their professor breeding programs. “Basically,” said prominent breeder Frank Galton, “our problems started when nerds started becoming ‘cool’. Since that paradigm shift, our problems in controlling the reproduction of our specimens have increased tenfold.”

Mines vs CSU-Pueblo

Oredigger football upsets CSU-Pueblo 19-16 in Homecoming game

The Colorado School of Mines Orediggers pulled off an amazing win after a shaky three quarters of offensive play at Saturday’s homecoming game vs CSU Pueblo. The game, which marks the fourth for Mines in RMAC (Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference) play, didn’t start well for the Orediggers. In the first drive, Mines was forced to punt on a fourth and long, setting CSU Pueblo up for an early field goal, which became the only score put on the board for the first 40 minutes of play. The Orediggers proved the stronger, though, refusing to let the Thunderwolves deny them their game.

Josh Ruff

Athlete of the Week: Josh Ruff, Junior, Football

A semester at CSM is incredibly busy for any student. Throw in a varsity sport and time quickly becomes a hot commodity. But that was not enough for senior football player Josh Ruff, who added being an active member in two local bands to the mix. The first, Ploy for Extinction, of which Ruff is the Bass player, is currently looking to be included on the popular radio station Pandora.com. The second, Hämärä, features Ruff as the lead singer and is slowly rising in popularity. But alas, this is not Music Star of the Week, it is Athlete of the Week. And this past week, it was Ruff’s stellar defensive performance that earned him recognition. A linebacker for the Orediggers, Ruff currently leads CSM in tackles (48) which is good enough for sixth overall in the RMAC. Last week, he was named the RMAC/Baden defensive player of the week for his efforts. And Saturday, when the prolific Mines offense was struggling to put points on the board, it was Ruff and the Oredigger defense that shined, holding #25 CSU-Pueblo, the second highest scoring team in the RMAC behind Mines, to 16 points ensuring a CSM victory. For his effort on the field, Ruff is this week’s Athlete of the Week.

Morals for your story: 10-11-10

A friend recently broke up with his girlfriend. They’d been having real problems for a while, so it seemed pretty inevitable. I met this girl through my friend and we’ve hung out a few times as a group. I’ve had a crush on her for a while, but I’ve never asked her to hang out because, obviously, she was dating my friend. Would it be wrong for me to ask her out now?
-Crushing on My Friend’s Ex

The Math and CS department win.

Homecoming: Department wing eating contest

The smell of hot wings filled the air. On October 9, 2010, the annual Wing Eating Contest was held by Up ‘til Dawn. The Mining, Engineering, Math, Physics, Petroleum, and Student Activities departments were all represented in the contest. 30 wings were given to 3-men teams with unlimited substitutions. Each team was preparing to dominate the spicy wings. They were stretching, grunting, and getting psyched out as they attempted to eat the wings the fastest.

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