Lauren Sepp

Colorado’s Queen competes to be America’s favorite

Videos, speeches, essays, gowns; Lauren Sepp became very accustom to those over the past year. Sepp is a freshman at Mines and is majoring in mechanical engineering. She has moved nine times due to her family’s military background and lived in Colorado Springs, Colorado, for the last three years. Sepp was crowned her high school’s queen in a blaze of hair spray, make-up, and dresses. Afterwards, she was contacted by America’s Homecoming Queen and competed last April for Colorado’s Homecoming Queen and from there, America’s Homecoming Queen.

Sepp competed in Denver last April and won the rights to represent Colorado in the national competition. The competition consisted of a speech, interview, essay, and formal gown. Because of the stages in the competition, the girls had to prove themselves in many areas. “The competition is different from Miss America and others because you have to prove you have a strong head on your shoulders,” said Sepp. “It felt great to win and I felt very honored to represent Colorado in the national competition” exclaimed Sepp. Along with the honor of representing her state, Sepp was also presented with a very big crown. “It’s really big, that’s exciting!”

Disney Land California held the national competition this summer. Forty-five states were represented in the three daylong competition. Sepp worked very hard preparing for the competition.“I spent most of my summer raising money, preparing my speech, and preparing for competition,” said Sepp. Lauren competed hard and vigilant, but did not win the competition. Sepp did win best video though, which was an added stage in the national competition. In the end, Sepp took away many lessons and memories. “My favorite part was getting to meet all of the different girls from the different states, and getting to know what life was life outside of Colorado,” said Lauren.

Sepp is competing once again. She is in the running for America’s Favorite Homecoming Queen. This is different from the competition because it is fan based voting and no judges are involved. This is where Mines comes into play. Students can go to to vote for Sepp. Voting costs $1.00, but proceeds go to the organization which helps the girls travel and compete. The voting runs till November and the winner will be crowned shortly after for America’s Favorite Homecoming Queen.

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