What’s Your Beef? 10-4-10

“Please set more double/dual monitor computers in the Library/Computer labs.”

For this topic I referred to Zachary Boerner and two Student Government representatives that sat on the Technology Fee Committee last year to get their input on the feasibility of this request.

Zachary Boerner:
“While having more computers with dual monitors would be nice for many uses, the cost still remains prohibitive given the required quantity and the fact that many people would not use the dual setup. The Tech Fee committee on campus receives over 30 proposals a semester and since not all of these can be funded, items must be prioritized. Dual monitor support is not, compared to many other projects on campus, a high priority. However, if you wish to see more dual-monitor support, you should probably talk to CCIT and inform them that you would like to see more labs that have this ability.”

Russell Quick:
“There are a few computer labs with dual monitors around campus. There is the Mac Lab in the CTLM and an engineering computer lab in BB 304. However, the reason there are not more dual monitor labs around campus is simply because the departments have requested this type of computer lab. Also, with dual monitors, space becomes more of an issue. Therefore, if the library were to ask for more monitors, then they might have to reduce the number of computers in the computer lab area. If there is a specific department you would like to see more dual computer labs in, you can make a request to the department head stating your case. Maybe you could suggest that they bring in dual monitors to a small section of an existing lab, not completely change the entire lab. If the department supports it, they would then send the request to Tech-Fee, which will review and decide if the submittal should be implemented.”

Please Re-Fill The Soda Machines!

The vending machines weren’t refilled as much over the summer as demand was down. The vendors responded by supplying less beverages and snacks although it seems that they decreased supply too much. There will be a committee meeting relevant to the topic coming up soon. I have forwarded your concern to the Student Government member of that committee. It will get to them and I would think it should be received decently.

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