Headlines from around the world: 11-29-10

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO)is modernizing the way they solve problems to keep up with 21st-century threats. The 28 nations met to discuss an agreement that would expand the U.S. defense missile base to cover all of Europe. The new agreement would also require NATO to deal with developing nuclear threats.

British Petroleum PLC is coming under even more fire after a federal probation officer filed a criminal complaint against the oil company regarding the North Slope oil spill in 2006. BP has been on criminal probation since 2006, after a badly corroded oil pipeline in Alaska burst, spilling 200,000 gallons of oil unto the tundra.

The Vatican is working on producing a circular to assist priests and laypeople with combating sexual abuse. This new circular is part of an ongoing plan to combat and hopefully eliminate abuse within the Catholic church, which has been under intense pressure in the past year.

27 miners are trapped underground in a mine in New Zealand, following an explosion Thursday. It is not yet understood what triggered the explosion, but experts say that it is most likely a coal-bed explosion. Two miners were able to escape after the explosion, but the remaining 27 can’t be rescued until the air quality in the mine improves.

Chrysler Group LLC announced it’s plans to work closely with it’s new Italian partner Fiat SpA to develop a new premium Maserati SUV. Maserati is the luxury car brand produced by Fiat, and to date has not produced an SUV. Fiat also has plans to reintroduce the Alfa-Romeo brand to the U.S..

The pains of 9/11 are still affecting some in a very real, physical manner, as many of the over 10,000 workers that participated in the post-tragedy cleanup are accepting an $815 million health insurance compensation. The workers sued the city of New York for not providing adequate protection from the toxic dust at ground zero.

Have some pent-up anxiety to release on something that can’t punch back? A man in New York City is patrolling the streets dressed as a giant panda with a chest protector inviting people to give his stomach a nice, solid hit. Nate Hill offers this as a service to those who need to get all their frustrations out in a way that won’t hurt others.

The residents of Lagos, Nigeria, no longer have to worry about bad juju when they wear a helmet. Lagos, where the primary mode of transportation is a motorcycle, is known for the number of people that are injured or killed riding motorcycles. The motorcyclists don’t want to wear helmets because they fear someone can steal their good luck, or play some trick on them with a helmet. Ralph Ibuzo solved this problem by creating a soft cloth cap to wear under the helmet, eliminating bad juju.

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