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Secretaries are not email servers…

E-mail is wonderful. With only a few clicks, you can send a message zipping across cyberspace. The only feelings you have to worry about are those of the recipient and with the possible exception of computers running Micro$oft software, your e-mail will almost always arrive at its destination, no matter how abusive you were to your computer. Unfortunately, this rosy communications model disappears when you walk into your department office.

Texans set up booth at International-Day

At this fall’s “International Day” a state from the USA showed up, wielding a flag that at first glance might remind the hurried food-seeker of Chile. At second glance, however, the barbecue and Tex-Mex served at the table gave the identity of the attendees away: folks hailing from the Lone Star State.

Apple to add Auto-Tune to GarageBand

“We’re really disappointed in the amount of media hype, and sales, that we got from our most recent announcement,” admitted Apple Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook in a phone interview Friday, referencing Apple Inc.’s recent introduction of The Beatles’ complete collection in digital form to iTunes. “So we’ve got something else to announce next Tuesday: Auto-Tune in GarageBand.”

CSM solves resource squeeze

Last week, campus officials tried to stem the outcry about the difficulty many undergraduates had in getting into required classes. “This is insane,” said one student, a senior, “I just need to take Diff. Eq. to graduate, that’s all. But I can’t get in because no one else has taken it either, and I lost the last-name lottery this year.”

Letter to the Editor: How to graduate from Mines

Dear Editor,

I read an article in the Oredigger recently called, “Underclassmen are Whiners? No Kidding!”  written by an “Anonymous PO’ed Mines Student,” (his words not mine,) and he brought up an interesting point that I felt was worth a response.
In the article, he said that he understands where upperclassmen are coming from when we criticize underclassmen for whining, but at the same time feels that upperclassmen should do more to encourage underclassmen who are not yet familiar with the demands of CSM.

Morals for your story: 11-29-10

I recently started my own business. In my field, my salary is derived in two ways: 1) an hourly charge, and 2) a mark-up on materials that I personally purchase for the construction projects. Since I am a business owner, I am able to buy supplies at wholesale rates; it is customary in my field not to tell clients the profit made on these purchases.

I think I should be honest with my clients, though. Since I am already making money by the hour, it seems excessive to also make a profit on purchases. However, I worry that if I tell my clients about the customary mark-ups I am revealing a secret of my industry, which will create complications for my colleagues in this field.

Should I follow my own ethical code and be honest with my clients? Or be loyal to my industry and follow its customs?
–Unnatural Capitalist

carol skelton

Minds at Mines: Thanksgiving and Pie

Thanksgiving for most people consists of gathering around a large table with family to enjoy a great feast including turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and most importantly, pumpkin pie. The meal is usually followed by some afternoon football and for some a long nap. However, some families like to “mix it up” and celebrate the holiday in unusual ways. So the Oredigger asked several students, “What unique Thanksgiving traditions does your family have?”

2010 Men’s and Women’s XC Regional Championships

While the Men’s Soccer and varsity football teams have been receiving their deserved attention in the last few weeks, the Colorado School of Mines Cross Country Teams have been flying under the radar. As winter sports approach, the cross country teams
remain the sole fall sport still continuing their season, as they competed in the NCAA division II central region championship Saturday in Wayne, Nebraska.

Athletes of the Week: Jacob Juett and Trevor Braun, Soccer

The Men’s Soccer team’s season ended eight days ago at the hands of Midwestern State University, and now the team looks ahead to the off-season to prepare for another crack at success in the fall of 2011. However, for two particular members, the story is a little different. Senior captains Jacob Juett and Trevor Braun have completed their career and look to their post-soccer future. However, to merely pass over these two players and move onto next year would be a huge mistake. It was these two captains who helped to lead and guide the Orediggers to one of the best seasons in program history. During the 2010 campaign, the team posted its best record ever, its first NCAA tournament victory and the first CSM squad to be ranked number one in the nation. And while the team was composed of 23 players besides Juett and Braun, the seniors created a winning atmosphere that was respected by coaches and players alike. “Trevor and Jacob did a great job of being captains,” coach Frank Kohlenstein complimented, “and they have mirrored our philosophy on and off the field.”

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