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Minds at Mines: No snow November?

As people native to Colorado well know, the recent warm weather is a rare occurrence for November. People expected it to snow before or on Halloween, but the holiday is over and there is still no sign of snow. In fact, the forecast has been quite the opposite—mostly sunny with a high of 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Some people eagerly await the first snowfall, while others enjoy the heat while they can. Minds at Mines wanted to see what students thought of these unusual warm days.

“I definitely want snow. I really like cold weather for some reason instead of hot weather. And I wanna go snowboarding too.”
Justin Lee

Michaela Hammer “I really enjoy the sunny warm weather, but I’m always excited for snow.”
Michaela Hammer

“I LOVE IT! I can wear my flip-flops, and I can enjoy the sunshine, and it is wonderful!”
Lisa Truong
Lisa Troung

Susan Tran “I’m a little concerned, but I’m actually enjoying it because I’m an avid tennis player, so it gives me time to hit the courts. And I don’t have to worry about slipping and falling and hitting my head.”
Susan Tran

“I think the weather is great because I like the summer and summer’s always too short.”
Justin Brewer
Justin Brewer

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