Colorado Sounds 2: Free, fresh and local

In late 2009 The Oredigger’s music blog Something Like Sound released Colorado Sounds, a compilation of music from the Centennial State. Two years later Colorado Sounds Volume 2 is making its debut with an expanded roster and greater diversity of sound. The new release comes just weeks before Denver bands and fans swarm Austin, TX for the annual SXSW conference (where download cards for this free compilation will be liberally distributed). My hope is that this release will help stimulate minds and ears at CSM so that students might be willing to venture into the booming Denver music scene.

Colorado Sounds Volume 2 features 20 tracks from well-known bands and newcomers alike. The record begins with a few folk and pop songs from the likes of Dan Craig, Gregory Alan Isakov and John Common. Is folk not your thing? For indie rockers there are tracks from Monroe Monroe, Flashbulb Fires and more. CMJ-featured group The Knew recorded their song “Yellow Moon” exclusively for this compilation, you won’t find it anywhere else. The same goes for new tracks from psychedelic rockers Fingers of the Sun and post-hardcore outfit At The Forefront (featuring CSM student Jerel Miller). For the second half of Sounds 2 things get a bit experimental with tracks from I Am The Dot, FLASHLIGHTS, Tjtjuna, The Biz, and Fellow Citizens.

In my time at Mines I have witnessed the Front Range music scene explode and propel many great bands onto the national stage. While I can’t give a 100% guarantee that all of the bands on this compilation will make it big, I can say that every one shows potential and skill that makes me proud to be from Colorado. Please take the time (and about ~140 MB of hard drive space) to download Colorado Sounds Volume 2 at www.minesblog.com/music, you won’t be disappointed.

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