Movie Review: The Social Network

Who would not want to be the creator of Facebook? Millions of Facebook friends and billions of dollars, but suddenly it is not so great when your only real friend is suing you and everyone thinks you are a fraud.

Who is Mark Zuckerberg? If it wan’t for him, millions of students everywhere would be able to get loads of homework done without distractions. Mark Zuckerburg began in a setting similar to many Mines students. A Harvard undergraduate, Mark is a total computer programming nerd just wanting to fit in.

One drunk night after his girlfriend dumps him, Mark launches a simple site for users to compare Harvard girls. He adds their pictures by hacking into the school’s various sororities. The high traffic on the site gets him a bad reputation with school authorities, and the hurtful premise of the site earns him a worse reputation with Harvard girls.

Zuckerburg soon meets the Winklevoss twins, members of an elite fraternity. They recruit Zuckerburg, after hearing of his fiasco, to help them in starting up a fraternity site to help them meet more girls. Zuckerburg wants desperately to be accepted by the “cool” group and immediately agrees to do it, but when he starts to hear about their ideas, he gets bored and thinks it will be just another dating site.

So when Zuckerberg and his only friend Eduardo launch a similar site soon after that becomes a hit around the campus, the snobby Harvard frat boys are sure he was scamming them. Then called, “The Facebook,” they opened the site to Ivy League schools and it quickly became a part of college life.

Zuckerberg completely turns around his reputation. He, and Eduardo by association, is liked for a change. But when the Winklevoss twins hear “The Facebook” has spread to England, they do not hesitate to get their father and his well-paid lawyers involved. His friend Eduardo also feels he was wronged and takes out the issue with the law. So Mark Zuckerburg is pounded by legal issues after seeing the success and fortune of his idea.

Mark Zuckerberg is played by Jesse Eisenberg. Jesse Eisenberg portrays Zuckerberg as a bitterly sarcastic character, making the audience question the young man’s morals. The movie reveals a dark side of Facebook’s creator, but it is easy to understand why he made his choices and feel bad for the criticism he is getting.

The story gives food for thought about the origins of a site most students visit daily. But it can by no means be taken as truth, no one besides Mark himself can really be sure about how he discovered the idea. Still, the film gives an insight into one of the most influential creations in social life thus far.

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