Athlete of the Week: Bumni Adetutu, Senior, Football

In 2005, just two years after CSM standout quarterback Chad Friehauf finished his Oredigger career, the Mines football team finished 2-6 in RMAC play. The future was up in the air for a team that was rebuilding and had lost a leader and icon. But the next year, the incoming freshman class included current seniors Clay Garcia, Alex Vigil, Josh Ruff, and several linemen on both sides of the ball who have anchored the last five winning seasons. While Garcia, Vigil, and Ruff’s hard work is visible on the statistic sheet, the work of another member of that class, cornerback Bunmi Adetutu, often goes unnoticed.

The stats may not tell the full story, but Adetutu’s play has. The senior from Austin, Texas, is among the smallest players on the roster at only 5’10” and 185 pounds. As a defensive back, Adetutu is often charged with shutting down opposing wideouts that are nearly a foot taller and weigh much more than than he does. Plus, with modern football favoring fan-preferred pass-heavy, high-scoring offense, his job is not an enviable one.

But that has not stopped Adetutu from success, as he helped lead an Oredigger defense that just completed a fifth straight winning season. In the turnaround, the team averaged seven conference victories per season since the 2-6 2005 record. For his efforts in leadership throughout his career, Adetutu is this week’s Athlete of the Week.

[Oredigger] How did you start playing defense?
[Adetutu] I’ve always played defense. I wanted to play Pop Warner in the 4th grade but Momma wouldn’t let me because she was scared I would get hurt.

Why defense?
Because of the intensity of defense. And you get to hit people on defense, which makes it better than offense, where they hit you.

Why do you like cornerback?
The coaches say we have to be the fastest and most athletic dudes on the field. But there’s a lot more pressure on us. If the D-line messes up, they could gain a couple of yards. If we mess up, it’s a big play.

Favorite NFL team?
Gotta be my Cowboys.

Super bowl pick?
Oh, I’ve got my Cowboys in it. Tony Romo will turn it around. They’re what, 5-4? So they’ll finish 12-4 and win the division. And I’ll say they win against the Broncos, just to make it interesting. That way they’ll run over Tebow and the Broncos.

What about the Packers? Could you cover Greg Jennings?
Haha. Bring it on!

What’s your opinion of Tim Tebow?
Haha. Well, he’s not a QB. He’s definitely not a good QB, but he definitely has the “it” factor and he’s always winning.

Favorite NCAA team?
UT Longhorns. When it came down to picking colleges, it was between here and UT for my top two.

BCS National Championship Pick?
LSU-OU. Oklahoma is going to beat Oklahoma State, and I still got LSU in there, easy.

What are going to do with no football for the first time since 7th grade?
I don’t know. Just rest, I guess. We don’t really get to sleep enough in season. I’ll catch up on school, and I’ll be back here next fall to finish my grad degree.

Favorite class at Mines?
Well, it’ll sound crazy, but Fluids I. Neal Sullivan is just the coolest guy, and it’s pretty much because of him that I’m taking an upper level fluids class.

Least favorite class at Mines?
AEM. I thought they were making that stuff up. I hated it at the time.

What would you differently if you could do your college career over?
Work harder freshman year, not always be in the ‘party-every-night’ mode.

Biggest thing you have learned from football?
Definitely the ability to fight through adversity, like when I had to cover guys bigger and taller than me. It’s the same thing with school, that adversity.

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