Club Spotlight: Kayak Club

Whether they are blasting down a class five rapid or paddling around the pool, CSM Kayak Club members know how to have fun in the water. The following is an interview with Kayak Club president Nic Martin, a junior in Civil Engineering. Those interested in joining can attend weekly meetings every Thursday in the SRC at 8:30 pm.

What is Kayak Club in your words?
Kayak club is a group of students with a common interest and passion for outdoor water sports who like to get rad. It is a place where people can come and learn how to kayak and about kayaking as well as learn proper safety techniques.

What do you typically do at meetings?
Our meetings are pretty informal. Every Thursday our meetings consist of pool session, which is where we meet to learn basics kayaking techniques like how to roll and different paddle strokes so that we can take those techniques out into the whitewater. At the end of pool session, we play games. Depending on the season and water conditions, we typically run trips to different rivers around Colorado, ranging in experience from class one to class five boating. Sometimes these trips involve camping and multi-day excursions, whereas other times it is simply going down the Clear Creek whitewater park on an afternoon and boating, but we always preach safety and having fun.

What are your plans for this year?
Fall is quickly approaching and with the coming of fall in Colorado, it means rivers freeze over making kayaking hard to do. We still have pool session every Thursday regardless of the weather outside and we have at least one trip planned over fall break with more to come in the spring once the weather is nicer.

What would you tell someone interested in joining kayak club?
It’s the best club on campus. But really, most people ask me if they need any experience to join. The answer is, not really. For example when I joined I had no prior experience but they took me under their wing and taught me what I need to know so know I am trying to give back and allow other people the same opportunity I was given. Just come to pool session at 8:30 on Thursdays at the student Rec center and get to know us. We will teach you what you need to know and you will have a blast.

What is your favorite thing about Kayak club?
I met my girlfriend at Kayak Club, so I would tell incoming students it is a great place to meet girls, but mainly it’s just a great group of people who all love kayaking and having fun.

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