Minds at Mines: Breakfast

College students often skip breakfast or do not eat well in the morning. Skipping breakfast can be bad for students’ health as it provides the necessary nutrients to be active during the day. Surprisingly after asking a few questions, it appears that students actually eat a decent breakfast on Saturdays, at least. For this week, Minds at Mines asked students, “What did you have for breakfast?”

Nicole Neals
“I had a nature valley bar and some grapes. It was tasty. And Go Pack Go!”

Hannah-Max-Rossi-and-Kristen-Weber Kristen Weber
“I had mini eggo waffles with peanut butter.”

Hannah Max Rossi
“I had eggo waffles with syrup and butter.” 

Chris Devenish
“I had eggs, hash browns, some bacon, and some cottage cheese with honey dew.”

Eric Willems
“I had a couple waffles, some eggs, and some orange juice.” 


Natalie-Boldt Natalie Boldt
“Scrambled eggs. They were very delicious.”

Ramiro Rodriguez
“Well conventional breakfast time is between when you wake up till around eleven-ish, but the first thing I ate today is, I went to the farmers market so I had a gyro. Wait no I didn’t I had a crepe. Crepes are delicious. It was a savory crepe and it had cheddar cheese, ham, marinated chicken, caesar salad sauce, spinach, mushrooms, and red peppers.”

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