Ska Brewery Steel-Toe Stout

As you walk to the kitchen and open the refrigerator, the icy blackness of a smoky, smooth, chocolate milk-like stout stares you right in the face. Now, after a long, tough day of classes and quizzes, homework and housework, you are ready to relax with a nice dinner and cold glass of Ska Brewing’s Steel Toe Stout.

Crafted in Durango, Colorado, Ska Brewing is known for eclectic, hearty beers, none of which is short on flavor and all of which are full of strength.

The Steel Toe Stout represents the ideal stout quite nicely, as it balances the dark, malty flavors of roasted barley with the sharp, tangy flavors of hops. The addition of milk sugars (lactose) make this stout very smooth and slightly sweet, and provide the base for a creamy head. The lactose binds up a certain amount of sugar, preventing the yeast from converting it to alcohol during the brewing process. This results in a sweet flavor, as well as an excellent smoothness that makes the beer go down easy.

The Ska milk stout pairs well with desserts and sweeter foods, especially tiramisu and ice cream, due to its subtle coffee overtones and caramel aftertaste.
If you have never enjoyed dark beers because they were either too bitter or too strong, then look no further than the Ska Steel Toe Stout. This beer provides an excellent introduction to the world of dark beers, and an outstanding introduction to the increasingly popular milk stout.

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