Gear Review: iHome Headphones

Due to the improved sound quality of headphones like Beats by Dr. Dre, people have started to switch from earbuds to over-the-ear headphones. Anyone who enjoys and dislikes the pain caused by typical earbuds should consider switching to over-the-ear headphones. For those lacking the budget for top of the line headphones like Beats, a smart and affordable option is the iB45 Headphones from iHome.

Anyone who has ever owned an iPod, is likely familiar with the iHome brand. The nice thing about the brand is their considerably high quality and affordability. For $30, these headphones are great for college students looking for a way to listen to their music on the go.

The iB45 Headphones have some innovative features. They come with a carrying pouch and fold inward on both sides, which is perfect for keeping them in a backpack going to and from classes. Not only are they compact and portable, the sound quality is superb. The bass is smooth and loud while the quality of the sound produced by the 40mm drivers allows the listener to hear subtle auditory details in songs he or she would not be able to hear with most earbuds or laptop speakers.

Aesthetics are always important, and the iHome headphones deliver with sleek and stylish design. At first glance, the iB45 could be confused with the more expensive Beats headphones. Not only do the headphones look good, they also feel good. Comfort is probably the most important feature next to sound, and the adjustable band, padded cushions, and lightweight design all contribute to a high level of comfort.

For $30, it’s hard to “beat” these headphones in terms of quality, portability, style, and comfort. Even better, for those that are skeptical about the purchase, the iB45 iHome Headphones come with a lifetime warranty, so if they ever break they can be easily replaced. For anyone sick of earbuds and wishing to upgrade to headphones, the iB45 Headphones are a great starting point for a student on a budget.

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