Third installment of Bioshock gets a warm welcome

This week in gaming, one of the top sellers on Steam is “Bioshock: Infinite,” making the mark even before its March 26, 2013 release date. In honor of the release “Bioshock: Infinite,” it seems only fitting to look back at the two previous games in the Bioshock series, “Bioshock” and “Bioshock 2.”

The original “Bioshock” is a survival horror first-person shooter released for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC and is one of the most unique games of the last decade. The game is set in the underwater city of Rapture in the year 1960. In the game, character Andrew Ryan created Rapture as a haven for artists, doctors, and anyone who wanted to be free from the tyranny of the world. In Rapture, there are no limitations to science, art, and music. People are free to do what they want.

Then came the discovery of ADAM, a strange material that gave people superhuman powers. People changed their bodies to shoot flames from their hands or send bees after others. This led to the downfall of Rapture, which is not populated by people craving ADAM who will do anything to get it. These “splicers,” as they are known, are the main enemy that the hero faces. Now enter Jack. He was a simple man on an airplane flight over the Atlantic when his plane crash-landed coincidentally right at the entrance to Rapture. After entering the underwater city, Jack finds himself in the middle of a battle and is saved by Atlas, who decides to help him escape. From there, Jack gains ADAM powers and must fight the splicers for his own life. Along the way, Jack meets the Big Daddy, who protects his Little Sister as she collects ADAM from the dead splicers. If you dare touch the Little Sister, prepare for a large fight with a Big Daddy.

The sequel, “Bioshock 2” according to a 2K-entertainment developer “is part of a prequel and at the same time is a sequel.” Agreeing with that, “Bioshock 2” opens in 1958, two years before the first game. After numerous events, Subject Delta, the main protagonist and one of the first Big Daddies, is frozen for 10 years and wakes up in 1968, eight years after Jack visited Rapture. Subject Delta then goes on a search to find the Little Sister that he was paired with 10 years ago because that is what he was brainwashed to do. The main villain, Sophia Lamb, sends splicers and the new Big Sisters to kill him before he can find his Sister, Eleanor.

Both of these installments for the Bioshock series are fantastic. The first game received 10/10 ratings and scores in the 90 percent range, winning Game of the Year by Game Informer and X-Play. “Bioshock 2” scored a little lower, receiving mostly 8/10 and 9/10 ratings. This author agrees, giving the series a 9.5/10 and definitely recommending “Bioshock” over “Bioshock 2.”

Be sure to pick up “Bioshock: Infinite” this week as it looks fantastic. All that is left to ask is, “Would you kindly play some Bioshock?”
Pictures courtesy of 2k games.

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