Minds at Minds: CO Floods

It was a rough week for Colorado, as flooding caused by four straight days of rain occurred along the Front Range. Although Mines kids might have initially welcomed the change in weather, save the umbrella-less students running from class to class, the overflowing torrents likely changed most people’s minds. This week, Minds at Mines asked, “What do you think about the floods?”

I want to say it’s cray, but that sounds insensitive. But I am glad my family is okay. Our neighborhood in Aurora was on TV for like two hours because of the flooding.
Nathaniel Marshall
They suck because they’re ruining my birthday.
Eric Sears
Nate-Caroe I think the floods suck and they’re dangerous and floods has two O’s and people should not be near them.
Nate Caroe
I think the water nation isn’t as awesome as people make it out to be.
Clinton Smith

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