Club Spotlight: Magic: The Gathering Club

Once a week, strategic masters clash in the club Magic: The Gathering. It is here that students can express their joy of the popular card game. “This game… pisses me off more than you can imagine,” shared current president Everett. Despite his obvious sarcasm, the general atmosphere of the room surrenders their true opinion: that this is their hobby, and this is what they like to do.

Established approximately eight years ago, the club has been around longer than any of the individual members. Over the course of Everett’s one year presidency, things have remained fairly constant. A small group of players cycle in and out now and then, usually never reaching over ten people in one night. Despite this, the club itself remains strong. The key to its success is its fluid style, and having minimum regulations and rules for its members. Rather than being a structured group with a list of requirements, it is more of a stomping ground of sorts, where players meet for the convenience of playing the game. Anyone, seasoned or fresh, that is interested can come and go whenever they please. “This is why I show up only once a year,” muttered a less frequent member, followed by a round of hearty laughter.

One constant factor that remains in the group is the general friendliness of the regular members. Many are more than willing to explain the rules and to share their cards, which gives everyone an opportunity to try Magic: The Gathering. They give veteran advice to deck construction, often having club-wide discussions as to the effectiveness of a certain strategy. Normal club hours start Thursday at 7:00 PM, and usually last long into the night, as long as people are awake and willing to continue. Aside from these events, the president and seasoned members try to schedule tournaments as well. These are a great way to meet the entire club and to win some cool prizes. Entry fees are usually little to nothing, at most covering the prize expenses for larger events.

Magic: The Gathering is one of many fun games to play to escape from the stress of Mines life. The Gathering club creates a conducive environment for all to pull up a table and play the night away. 

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