Bill O’Reilly Admits To Hoax

In a stunning press release earlier this week, famous political pundit Bill O’ Reilly announced that his show “The O’Reilly Factor” is indeed a hoax. O’Reilly has been trolling America in one of the greatest pranks since the NASA “moon landing”. Best known for his scathing commentaries on the Democrats and an undying love for guns, freedom, lower taxes, and screaming at guests until he becomes red in the face, O’Reilly has quickly become one of the most beloved pundits on Fox News. Apparently that persona has been a sham meant to see how gullible the average American could be. When asked to elaborate, O’Reilly had this to say: “Well of course it’s a joke, how could anyone take this show seriously? I mean, come on, I compared South Chicago to Haiti and advocated kidnapping and water boarding Nancy Pelosi. Didn’t anyone get the hint that I’m trolling right wing nut jobs?”

As this news breaks, it leaves much to be answered for dedicated fans of “The O’Reilly Factor” who must surely be reevaluating their life choices.

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