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Intersection at 9th Street and Highway 6 Planning Meeting

Anyone who has crossed the intersection at 9th Street and Highway 6 will know what a hazard it is. Very few people know how to properly use the intersection and there are regularly accidents there. As a response to this, the City of Golden has decided to make some changes. This led to a meeting on Monday, April 14, 2014. People from all over Golden, but particularly from near 19th Street, gathered at the Fossil Trace Clubhouse to talk about the intersection.


From Mines to NASA

Interested in aerospace? Ever wanted to know what living on the International Space Station is like? Penny Pettigrew, ISS Payload Communications Manager at the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center and Mines graduate, will return to Mines this Friday, April 25 to talk to students about her career at NASA as well as her journey to NASA.

Headlines from around the world: 4/21/14

Intuit, the company responsible for making TurboTax, has been linked to a grassroots campaign against a long-standing proposal called Return Free to allow taxpayers the option to use prefilled tax returns from the IRS instead of having to fill out the forms or using a tax preparation service. Agents working for the public relations and lobbying firm JCI Worldwide have worked to convince community leaders to write op-eds that Return Free would be harmful to members of their respective communities. The lobbying firm listed Intuit as a client, until it had been contacted on the matter by independent newspaper ProPublica and has since called the listing a mistake.

AMS Colloquium: Stability of detonation waves

In the study of the stability of detonation waves, it is often common practice to ignore the effects of diffusion and still construct an accurate enough representation of the waves in question. But what happens when these diffusive effects are not neglected, and how do they affect these waves? As part of a collaborative study, Dr. Gregory Lyng of the University of Wyoming Department of Mathematics sought answers to these questions and shared some of his findings at this week’s AMS Colloquium.


Saving Mr. Banks Only Tells Part of the Story

In the tradition of 2004’s “Finding Neverland” (the story behind the creation of Peter Pan) comes “Saving Mr Banks,” the story behind the creation of Mary Poppins. The film tells two stories simultaneously: that of Mary Poppins’ creator’s childhood, and that of Walt Disney’s battle to secure the film rights from her. The fact that the majority of the audience know how the story ends does not stop the film from being entertaining or engaging – even delightful. But, as with most Disney productions, the events shown in the movie have been cleaned up a bit, and some of the darker aspects were left out altogether.


Geek of the Week: Deborah Good, Engineering Physics Senior

After two months at Mines, senior Deborah Good knew she wanted to some day be the Geek of the Week. However, in those two months Good began writing for The Oredigger, and then became an editor and finally was selected as editor-in-chief for the 2013-2014 school year. She always saw her being Geek of the Week as a conflict of interest, but the dream lived on. Now that Good has completed her editor-in-chief duties and is preparing to graduate, that dream can finally come true.

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