How to Have a Perfect Lazy Day

In order to combat the stress of going to Mines, one must have “The Perfect Lazy Day.”  Some of you may think you know what you are doing, but you do not.  Not even a little bit.  The perfect lazy day actually starts the night before the actual lazy day.

The Night Before

Now, there are several ways to spend the night before.  Many Mines’ students will probably enjoy the Netflix option.  This event allows for a complete mental snooze except for the little amount of comprehensive ability necessary to process the show or movie you are watching.

The other option is board game night.  Board game night works well if you have a group of people looking to all have a collective lazy day the next day, so games like Risk, Monopoly, and Settlers of Catan can take up all night and set you up for the morning!

Obviously, if you are utterly exhausted, feel free to pass out on the couch with the radio blasting your favorite tunes.  Which leads us to the next part of the day…

The Morning

This is pretty simple.  Do NOT get out of bed until 10:00 AM.  No matter what productive urge tugs at your gut, resist it! Go back to sleep, dream a little longer, and let the early morning rays shine on your face.  Go ahead and stretch like your cat, roll around, jump on the bed…JUST DO NOT LEAVE THE BED.  Enjoy it for once in your Mines career!

The Brunch

Brunch. Man’s gift to himself.  Brunch is a meal best served between 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM.  There are many options for brunch, you could go out, cook at home.  Regardless, the standard items are: pancakes, bacon, eggs, bacon, orange juice, bacon, toast, bacon, hash browns, bacon, and a small side of bacon.  The key lies in bacon.  Now, once you are sufficiently stuffed and ready for a super productive day…

 Locate the Couch

I am going to level with all of you, my readers.  Apparently there was a futon in my living room that I did not even know about until I took my first lazy day a few weeks back.  Make sure to locate the  couches in your home, and pick your favorite.  Now, turn on the television, and start browsing.  Find something good, lie down on the couch, and let yourself fall asleep for your afternoon nap or sip on some root beer or apple cider, and if you want to be that person,…go fetch your pumpkin spice latte, for no one can judge you on this day

 The Grand Finale

The best part of the day is the end.  I know some of you groan at the aspect of having to go back to work the next day, but if you do lazy day right, you actually kind of look forward to it.  But, make sure you end it on a high note.  Watch another movie, eat another big meal, go get that ice cream sundae, maybe even call your mom!  Do something to put yourself to sleep one more time before you get cranking again with your work the next day.

In short, eat, sleep, repeat for one whole day!  And know that you have earned the right to do so.  You really have been working your butt off.

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