Field Day Teams Brave Events in the Rain and Cold

Field days occurred on Friday of E-Days in the shadow of a fiery volcano. Mass excavations of dinosaur fossils occurred in sand boxes, and fish were saved from a frigid slip and slide. The cavemen teams competed in events for two and a half hours to bring home a colossal trophy in their Flintstones car.

Teams braved rain and the climb of a treacherous volcano. They panned for gold, threw drill bits, dropped eggs, rolled in balls, attempted to complete a balance beam, cut wood, and saved stranded whales. Teams also attempted to send a volunteer back to the ice age using a time machine in the form of a frozen dunk tank.

Thanks to the members of the various student organizations that helped run the field days events, the two hours spent in the rain and cold were a complete success filled with smiles and camaraderie.


photo courtesy of CSM




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