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The Mandalorian Returns

Last October, fans of the Star Wars franchise waited patiently for the debut of a new Star Wars spin-off series: The Mandalorian. Little was known about the eight episode series, except for the general idea that the show would follow the adventures of a member of a well known race of galaxy bounty hunters. Needless to say, fans were hooked after the first episode and completely enthralled by the stoic Mandalorian and adorable Baby Yoda duo. The Mandalorian has since become a huge success and has gained quite a large following of old and new Star Wars fans alike.

Why has The Mandalorian enjoyed such a high degree of success? To start, the show focuses on a previously unconsidered portion of the Star Wars universe. Mandalorians have made appearances in other Star Wars movies and TV shows, but The Mandalorian is the first to focus exclusively on the adventures of a bounty hunter. A new story located in a fictional world fans love seems to be a key component in the show’s success. The Mandalorian also feature the best aspects of the Star Wars universe: western inspired shootouts, daring prison escapes, X-Wings flying in to save the day, and an intense battle with an Imperial AT-ST. These components, broken into what is essentially eight mini-movies, keep fans excited and ready for more adventures.

Most notably, The Mandalorian has introduced a new Star Wars character, The Child, nicknamed “Baby Yoda” by fans. So far, The Mandalorian has followed Mando’s relentless flight across the galaxy to protect Baby Yoda from the slew of other bounty hunters and ex-Imperial Stormtroopers following in their wake. Baby Yoda, while being the most adorable character any Star Wars fan has ever seen, is also a Force-sensitive being, leading fans to speculate about his mysterious origins and why the remaining dregs of the Empire are so interested in him and his powers.

Baby Yoda aside, one of the most fascinating aspects of the show is not the epic space battles or visits to new planets as one might guess, but rather that most Star Wars fans agree that the show is amazing. The Star Wars fandom is known for its clashing discord over opinions of different movies and character adaptations and yet, very little in the way of disagreements has emerged regarding The Mandalorian. Most fans will even go so far as to agree that it’s one of the best Star Wars spin-offs produced over the years!

The Mandalorian will return for its second season on October 30, 2020. Until then, fans are left to guess what the new season has in store. Will Mando succeed in finding a safe place for himself and Baby Yoda? Will we finally learn about Baby Yoda’s origins? Will other Star Wars characters be introduced? We’ll have to wait and see!

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