I’ve Definitely Seen the Show Review- Game of Thrones Edition

An artistic rendering of Lauren watching an episode of season eight. Image courtesy of Isabelle Goetz.

2019 marked the end of many monumental franchises- The Avengers, Star Wars, large indoor gatherings, How to Train Your Dragon- one of the most notable being the final season of Game of Thrones. It’s been a few years since the final season was released and as someone who has definitely, 100% seen the show, two years later feels like the perfect time to share some burning thoughts and feelings.

Obviously, one does not even have to see the show to know that season 8 was the best season (not that it matters, as the author has in fact, seen the show). The plot was convincing, well thought out, and ultimately drove the highly anticipated season finale to a satisfying and thought-provoking conclusion. Even those who hopped on the Game of Thrones bandwagon late in the game wholeheartedly agree that they started watching at the perfect time. The showrunners should be applauded for their choice to keep the final season short and to the point; six episodes was the perfect amount of time to bring such a monumental story to a satisfying end. Finally, unlike other big franchises, there were no plot holes or continuity errors, and there were certainly no accidental appearances of modern-day objects left on banquet tables for the audience to see. How silly would that be?

Season 8’s biggest strength, however, was how it delivered fitting ends for each of the many characters. No characters were left behind, forgotten about, or just completely omitted for the sake of the plot. None of the character endings felt like they were rushed or that they didn’t do the character justice. The throne ultimately winds up going to one of Tony Stark’s long-lost siblings, Bran Stark. His sister Sansa, also distantly related to Tony Stark as evidenced by the last name, heads to the north to rule. Arya Stark (another Tony Stark relative! Wow!) winds up sailing west with her trusty Needle and sewing kit by her side, looking for some new adventure that will allow her to show off her multitude of fighting and sewing skills illustrated throughout the season. Cersei and Jamie both receive questionable, but deserving ends. Jon Snow also heads north, most likely in pursuit of another water pump with a cholera outbreak. Daenerys arguably has the most fitting ending, her descent into madness bringing her character arc to a fulfilling close that all Game of Thrones fans can agree was perfect. After all, it’s not like seasons 1 through 7 were spent establishing how caring and not malicious she is. Can you imagine what would have happened if the writers had deviated from her previous character development? What a mess that would be.

Anyway, Game of Thrones season 8 satisfied audiences everywhere. Everyone can agree it was the perfect ending to another gigantic franchise and that it didn’t fall short of fan’s expectations. If anything, it exceeded them, making Game of Thrones the perfect model for how to wrap up a franchise fans hold near and dear to their hearts

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