A Legacy in the Making

Images courtesy of Mines Athletics. Collage courtesy of Lauren D’Ambra.

By Lauren D’Ambra

Calling all Mines football fans! Colorado School of Mines announced back in February that the defensive coordinator for Oredigger football, Brandon Moore, would be taking over as the new head coach of the Colorado SChool of Mines football team. Moore will be the 30th head football coach in the program’s history and has been a part of four Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference (RMAC) championships at Mines (2016, 2018, 2019, and 2021). 

Coach Moore was kind enough to sit down with The Oredigger and answer some questions about the football team and what the upcoming fall football season will look like. Read on to learn some more about our absolutely fantastic new head coach!

What are you hoping to bring to the football program this year?

Hopefully some more wins! One of the things that David Hansburg said to me before I took the job, during the interview process, is that there are a lot of things that we do right already. You know what I mean? I think it was one of the determining factors in going inside for the new coach search, just so that we didn’t lose too much of who we were already. One of the lines I’ve been telling everybody is that it’ll be kind of the same package, just rebranded and a little bit younger.

You’ve had a very successful playing career, both collegiate and professional, what’s more challenging, playing or coaching?

I think that what is so interesting and what is so great about this game is that it just continues to pull you in. When I retired from playing football, I was content with never watching another game or really doing anything in terms of football. Then, I had kids and my kids were involved with football and they needed help. I started to help them and I began to really derive a passion for it. It just kind of just took over me. I’m still torn by the question, it’s intriguing, because I’ve never thought of it that way. It’s always just been football and I’ve never separated the two. I think playing was an unbelievable experience for me. So, it would have to be playing because I still fantasize about playing and I still think about it just in terms of when I’m coaching. Could I have done that? Would I have been that good? Could I have done these things that I’m trying to get these kids to do? So I mean, yeah, I’ve loved playing but if there was ever a consolation prize, I think I’m living it.

We know you’ve been with the Orediggers since 2016, do you have a favorite football memory?

The Valdosta Georgia game. It was a bittersweet memory from last year, but it’s the farthest the program has ever been. It’s the hardest I think the team has ever played, and it was a good window to what we hope to do in the future. We got to show our players, the school, our fans, and our alumni what the program is capable of and kind of the direction we’re planning on taking.

Mines is coming off of it’s most successful football season to date, what’s the formula for getting us even further next semester?

Well, it all starts with recruiting. I think our recruiting model is different because we are so fixed on the individual and so fixed on how they fit into the program and the school. The type of individual we bring into the program is unlike any other. I think it’s the formula that’s the solution. They continue to bring the right players and we retain the entire staff, which is really a blessing because we can really pick up where we left off and even get better and progress in some areas. So, from the recruiting and the staff and  the players we continue to to embody Mines mindset.

Is there anything specific you want the Mines community to know about you and the team?

We want the campus to see us and we want the campus to love us. We want everybody on our game. We want everybody to support us and we want to support the rest of athletics and the rest of the Mines community. Our mission is just to be seen and so everybody can celebrate our success.

What are you looking forward to the most this fall?

I’m looking forward to my first game! I’ve had the job for almost a month now, and I’m learning something new every single day of the week. I think the worst part about the job is that I can’t have as close a relationship as I want with the rest of them and with my players. But, I think the best part of my job is that I get to reach each of my players and I get to be in each and everyone of their lives. That’s probably what I’m looking forward to the most. But in terms of my first game, it’s my first time being a coach. You know what I’m saying? And I’m just excited for the next part of that challenge.

We’re so excited to have you coach Brandon! We can’t wait to support you and the Mines football team this upcoming football season. Let’s go Orediggers!

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