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Grant is an outdoor loving, dirt-bike riding, fiction enthusiast with a knack for writing too much. If it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing. As a member of the Creative Writing Staff, Grant loves just about anything that is classified as fiction.

The Ben Parker Student Center

Combatting Stereotypes: event focused on looking beyond surface

For athletes, video gamers, and students in Greek Life alike, the general assumptions that surround certain campus activities can be barriers to meaningful connections. The Combatting Stereotypes campaign, a student-led movement on campus, strives to break these down and promote purposeful discussion among students. “We want to challenge people to think outside of their general…

Cornelia: Part 1

Given that he has asked us to carefully record everything that crosses our mind for later analysis, I want to make it perfectly clear that I do not believe that this record will be in any way useful. To my reader, I want to make it clear that the events recounted in this personal journal are being told only because it is required of me. Most likely if you are reading this then you already know the nature of my work and the purpose of this research endeavor.

However, if on the very slim chance that this project is declassified I will start from the very beginning. Also, I am being asked to start at the beginning, so don’t get it in your mind I am doing this for you. And it certainly isn’t for me.

About a year ago I, along with Dr. Selridge were contacted by REDACTED with an opportunity to come work on a new emerging technology. At the time we were told that we would be flying out to a facility near Silicon Valley in California. Although now I would hardly call this a small facility. But I digress.

The Gate: Chapter 4: Father

Ajay was stretched out on her back by the creek, eyes closed, soaking in the sun. As Rawlin drew near she sat up and watched as he pushed through the branches. You know there was an easier way to get here, she said with a snicker.

I wasn’t looking for the easy way, just the fast way. Father is impatient.

Rather than respond she gave him a strange smile and stood. Father broke into the clearing just behind Rawlin. He froze solid when his eyes fell upon Ajay and his jaw fell open.

“This isn’t some sort of joke is it Rawlin? Did Dain put you up to this?”
Rawlin shook his head, “Father, this is Ajay. Ajay, this is my Father, Dicen.”

Ajay bowed slightly, “May Saelu’s light bless this greeting.”

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