Daily Archives: March 31, 2016

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Invictus Initiative Plans Trip to Kenya, Aims to Raise College Admission Rates

Mines graduates not only lead in STEM fields, but often use their ideas and passions to help communities in need. David Pesek, a 2007 CSM graduate, partnered with Mike Kmita to found the Invictus Initiative in 2008. Dedicated to helping communities around the world develop sustainable solutions, this nonprofit organization continues to challenge students to…


Deadpool Surprises Many

A Deadpool reprisal has been both highly anticipated and dreaded after his last appearance going so terribly awry. After years of production limbo, a torturous wait, and a truly spectacular marketing run, whether you are a die-hard Deadpool fan or a casual comic book puruser, you will not be disappointed. Deadpool is the most refreshing…

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