Mines continues to support Haiti


Amidst cramming for final tests, projects, and papers, it is easy to lose sight of everything you experienced and learned this semester. In two weeks, you will probably be ready to get past the struggles of these last weeks. But before you check out, I’d like to return your attention to another ongoing struggle: disaster relief in Haiti.

The earthquake on January 12 that killed some 230,000 people garnered support from around the world, and Mines was not absent from the efforts. Late January, a committee formed to fundraise for Haiti relief by selling used textbooks donated by students and faculty. The result was at least 240 books donated, 38 books sold, and nearly $1,000 raised to be donated to the American Red Cross! 

On behalf of the committee, thank you for your kindness and generosity!

But we’re not done yet. When you finish your courses this semester please consider the good you can do by donating your used textbooks. Your book will be sold and converted into food, medicine and shelter rather than in the profits of the bookstore or gathering dust on your shelf. Your donation can make a world of difference for the suffering in Haiti.

How to donate or trade used textbooks:


  • Drop off any used textbooks at the Student Activities Office.
  • Trade your new edition for an older edition (contact Kurtis, email below).


Contact Kurtis at kgriess@mines.edu with questions.


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