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Clay Garcia

Athlete of the Week: Clay Garcia, Junior, Football

The last four years of Oredigger football have been dominated in part by standout quarterback David Pesek. Now Pesek has graduated and junior Clay Garcia finally has his chance to impress. And impress he has. He has taken no time in leading an explosive Mines offense with 666 yards in only his first two games. The Mechanical Engineer will earn his undergraduate degree in the spring and looks to return to complete his Master’s degree. His recent effort in a 52-24 win over South Dakota Mines (27-42 for 417 yds and 6 TD) was enough to earn him the honor of RMAC Offensive Player of the Week and, of course, the Oredigger Athlete of the Week.

Golden RTD bus stop hot spots

At the beginning of every school year we pay a fee for a bus pass on our tuition. This is good if you ride the bus frequently and know where to go, but if not, you look at that little sticker and wonder “Why on earth do I have this?” So here are a few ideas on what to do with your bus pass.

Community Spotlight: Blue Canyon Grill serves up savory burgers

The Blue Canyon Grill was founded in 2004 by Ted and Jolynn Johnson as a downtown sports bar and grill specializing in great burgers and fresh, exciting appetizers. The Blue Canyon has been in it’s current location at 1301 Washington Ave since early 2010.
The current location is part of the old Foss Drug building, which has been renovated multiple times in the last few years. With lots of wood and stone, the atmosphere is warm and welcoming, with a large fireplace in the main dining room. The restaurant also has a full-size garage door that opens onto Washington, with a few tables placed on a patio in front. In all, the atmosphere is contemporary but homey, and very comfortable for a pleasant lunch.

MacGruber’s on-screen explosion doesn’t wow audiences

MacGruber, a movie based on the Saturday Night Live skit about a handy soldier who is constantly fighting against the clock to stop an imminent explosion was recently released to blu-ray and DVD on September 7. The skits often featured guest stars such as Betty White, Shia LeBoeuf, Charles Barkley, and the original McGyver, Richard Dean Anderson. While the movie is just a prolonged version of the Saturday Night Live short, it is great for hardcore followers of MacGruber. However, the movie may seem very simplistic and just not funny for people looking for a more serious comedy.

The xx

The xx: Hip, minimal, appealing

Every year in the U.K. a group of music industry insiders award the Mercury Prize, an accolade given to the best alternative album of the year. When The xx received the prize last week they joined the ranks of other notable British groups such as Portishead, Franz Ferdinand, and The Arctic Monkeys. To win an award is one thing, to produce a truly excellent album is another. The question is: “Is xx all that it’s cracked up to be?”

Ska Special E.S.B.

Beer Review: Ska Special E.S.B.

While there are varied opinions on what exactly constitutes an ESB (extra special bitter), most brewers agree that the style refers to a simple English-style pale ale, especially one with a single type of malt and a single (usually English) variety of hops. Usually easy-drinking and well-balanced (if a bit on the bitter side), ESBs pair well with strong-flavored foods such as pizza, bratwurst, or buffalo wings.

Celebrate Mines: Clubs, freebies, and whip crème pies

Last Friday was Celebration of Mines, and all the clubs and organizations eagerly tried to entice students to their booths to recruit some new members. There were few new clubs and many old faces. The Society of Physics Students made liquid nitrogen ice-cream, the Slackline Club was slack-lining, and many booths offered a plethora of free goods and candy, not to mention free ice-cream from the ice-cream trucks. There were even several people running around with whipped crème pies that the unsuspecting student might get smashed in their face.

Dr. Knecht researches the importance of team dynamics

Typically, at Mines, the word “research” conjures up images of professors and grad students toiling over experiments in some obscure basement. This week’s Research Spotlight flies in the face of these expectations with Dr. Knecht’s Team Dynamics research. While this may seem uncomfortably out of character for Mines, it is a critical component of what makes a good engineer.

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