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Minds at Mines: Campus Beef

Campus is home to most students, many of whom wish that it could be better in some way or another. Contrary to popular opinion, the campus can be made better, but sometimes the problems people have are not properly communicated and therefore the potential for fixing them remains limited. As Mines begins to transform into a home for more and more students with the addition of new residence halls, it is important to make sure that our college is a happy home. This week, the Oredigger wanted to give students a platform to voice their concerns. Minds at Mines wanted to know the top three things that should be changed at Mines.

 1. “The cycle of disrespect for one. I think a lot of it is passive aggression because we are so shy… It results in an unpleasant atmosphere. people are shocked when you just talk to them. You have people who are terrified of being different and you have people who don’t care.
2. “People walk around like automaton’s. I had this realization the other day. You think Mines guys are creepy… Mines guys don’t even have enough confidence to be creepy, they’re just respectful.
3. “People never say bless you… It’s the most cold, isolating, and empty feeling when there are fifty people around and they say nothing when you sneeze.”

Jason Buster Parking Garages need to be the first priority for campus!  They need places for people to park before building dorms for more people to stay in.

Since there’s no parking spots, everyone is riding their bikes.  Lets see if we can actually have enough bike racks to park our bikes on to fulfill the rule that we’re not supposed to lock our bikes to anything else.

Meyer hall is slowly becoming more and more broken and decrepit.  We need to build a new physics building, right after the parking garages.
Malinda Miller

1. “The food.
2. “Mines guys need some social skills.
3. “The waffle maker is the wrong temperature.”
Malinda Miller
Marty Otzenberger 1. “I think it is unfortunate how much some of the classic traditions, like the M-Climb have changed.  It seems our traditions are being overrun with bureaucracy, politics, and legal mumbo jumbo.  Turn them back over to the students, and if you really must, distribute waivers.
2. “The classes are getting too easy.  While I admit they are still pretty hard, we have to remember that our degrees are respected because our classes have always been so extremely hard.  So if our classes get easier, then our degree’s loose part of their value and respect.  If we loose 1/3 of the class then I guess that is the way it is, stop worrying about how much money you bring in, and think about those of us who have worked our butts off for our degrees.
3. “I miss the Trebuchet Contest counting for EPICS credit.  Since they cut the credit there isn’t nearly the turnout as there used to be.  That was always one of the highlights of the Field Events, and is even a true engineering challenge, worthy of credit.”

1. “More computers in CTLM. You go in at peak hours and you can’t find a computer to save your life… I guess more areas to just study and group up and stuff.
2. “Berthoud hall basement should never have a test there. The tables are way to small… you shouldn’t have a test where you have such a tiny desk you can’t even fit a piece of paper on it.
3. “They got rid of their ability to give clubs rooms that are needed… I’d like to see them do it on a need basis rather than by rank.”
Ryan Miller

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