Music Review: No Need to Forgive This Rock Record

Broken Social Scene has done it again, and while it is not on the same level as their smash hit “You Forgot It In People,” Forgiveness Rock Record is worth the investment. Like most albums in the genre, this album starts of ramping up into a slower but calming intro with the languid but calm “World Sick.” The following few change the pace, with “Chase Scene” being my preferred choice as it has the feel of a futuristic chase scene, as the title implies.

The meat of the album returns to an upbeat calming nature that is fairly common for Broken Social Scene. Songs like “All To All” carry a distinct element of happiness and almost a coy excitement. It is this part of the album that I could put on repeat and listen to all day. This section ends with “Sentimental X’s,” which in itself would be a spectacular end to the album, but luckily for the listener, this is not the end.

The final element of the album begins with the emotionally sad sounding “Sweetest Kill.” This leads into a much more upbeat and tranquil “Romance To The Grave.” This tranquility leads into the heavier rock based “Water In Hell.” Of all the songs on the album, this particular one is, in my opinion, one of the most fun since it has slight echoes of David Bowie and other artists from that era. Finally, we are left with “Me And My Hand.” A part of me wishes this album would end slightly more upbeat, but this song is nonetheless good, albeit solemn.

Overall, this album is much better than most of the other music produced these days, and while it holds true to the overall varied and jumbled sound of Broken Social Scene, it is not their best work. Would I recommend getting it though? Highly, just as long as you have some of their other albums such as You Forgot It In People.

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