NFL 2010 season preview

It is once again football season in America, and starting Sunday my attention will diverted from Circuits, Statics, and whatever homework I forgot to do. And while last season’s Super Bowl match up between Indianapolis and New Orleans was predicted at the beginning of the season, the 2010-2011 is filled with question marks. Below are previews for some of the prominent contenders for the Lombardi trophy this season, in addition to my beloved Broncos, who will undoubtedly make me cry this year.

Indianapolis Colts
This year’s Indianapolis Colts team looks nearly unbeatable on paper. Coach Caldwell is entering his second season with more experience under his belt and a developing defense looks to be a great improvement upon last year with the return of Bob Sanders. And how can you forget Peyton Manning? The only thing more intimidating to a defense than Peyton Manning is seeing an angry Manning, who just narrowly missed winning the Super Bowl a year ago.

New Orleans Saints
The Saints return with the same deadly force that dominated nearly every defense in the league last year, including a confident Reggie Bush. But the Saints did not make very many moves during the offseason, and with a repeat of last season’s incredible performances unlikely, I suspect an early exit from the 2011 playoffs.

New York Jets
No other team has witnessed such media attention as the New York Jets during the offseason. They have added key players on both sides of the ball and look to have the personnel ready to contend deep into the playoffs. But there still is mystery surrounding the play of youngster Mark Sanchez. With so much hype, there is a good chance for a long, hard fall back to earth for the Jets.

Dallas Cowboys
For the first time in a long time, the boys from Dallas seemed to witness a relatively quiet offseason (aside from Dez Bryant). If this Cowboys team can remain focused for ALL 16 games this season, I predict that Dallas could be the team to beat in the NFC. Tony Romo is overdue for a winning season and with stars like Miles Austin and DeMarcus Ware contributing, The Cowboys will be a scary team.

Green Bay Packers
The Pack up north could be a strong contender along with Dallas for the NFC champion. Aaron Rodgers is quickly becoming an elite quarterback and the offense impressed during the preseason. The main force opposing the Packers will be their division rivals, the Minnesota Vikings. If Green Bay can overcome a depleted Minnesota and Win the NFC north, they could make a deep run.

Denver Broncos
Oh, Denver… if only I could jump five years into the future, when Tim Tebow is a veteran QB, the young offensive line solidifies, and we are not suffering from more injuries than Evil Knievel. But, until then, I will probably have to endure a 7-9 season, at best. Broncos, I just ask one thing: please, at least beat the Chiefs and Raiders

Super Bowl Prediction: A few months from now, I expect the good old Colts and Cowboys super bowl that Jerry Jones is so desperately hoping for down in Texas for 2011.

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