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Rage against the machine

Since I came to this school, I’ve been continually amazed at how professors and others in various academic departments seem to think that online homework is somehow the best thing for us. Physics has CAPA, Statics has Mastering Engineering, and Mechanics of Materials has added an online homework set. At least we don’t have to use calc-checker anymore. Having homework online isn’t the problem, though. That’s actually quite nice; we can work on it at our leisure, and we aren’t restricted to a specific time or place.

As semester begins, so does parent counseling

A new fall semester means two things at Mines: a large group of anxious freshmen and a group of even more anxious parents trailing in their wake. For several years now, the Colorado School of Mines (in partnership with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory) has offered optional group counseling sessions for the new empty-nesters. Said program founder Vera Sault, “Our program is unique because it doesn’t talk down to the parents. We understand the emotions that they’re processing now that their baby is in college, and much of the program is about just letting them vent. It’s amazing how helpful that can be.”

Tech Break: Internet Guide 2010

Every year freshmen become sophomores, and the need exists to get internet access from somewhere other than campus. Below is a guide to some of the options available in Golden. Keep in mind that most of the services below have setup charges involved, though you may be able to lease equipment to turn part of that setup fee into a monthly fee.

Rumor Mill: Campus rumors debunked

Rumor: Mines will build a parking lot in place of the demolished Jefferson County Jail building, which previously housed the Mines alumni office and an assortment of expensive vacuum tubes.
Status: Confirmed. The new “BP lot” will be financed by in-kind donations from its namesake oil company. Marquez Hall has been put on hold until Petroleum Engineers get chased out of Alderson by the Chemical Engineering department. Facilities Management says that, due to the central location of the new lot, parking passes for the lot will be $200 per semester. Parking in the Hall of Justice lot will carry an increased price as well to pay off the cost of the parking kiosks (both of them) in the areas.

CCIT celebrates “9×2” kickoff

Following last Saturday’s extended Blackboard outage, CCIT proudly proclaimed that they had reached a pivotal point in their existence: a running track record of less than 99 percent uptime, when all systems were taken into account, for servers directly under their control. This momentous event, said CCIT co-director Fred Robinson, “Hasn’t happened since we switched to outsourced e-mail a year ago. We feel that the resurrection of our 9×2 initiative is a good step toward keeping CCIT relevant in the days to come.”

NFL 2010 season preview

It is once again football season in America, and starting Sunday my attention will diverted from Circuits, Statics, and whatever homework I forgot to do. And while last season’s Super Bowl match up between Indianapolis and New Orleans was predicted at the beginning of the season, the 2010-2011 is filled with question marks. Below are previews for some of the prominent contenders for the Lombardi trophy this season, in addition to my beloved Broncos, who will undoubtedly make me cry this year.


Saturday’s game pitted the Orediggers against South Dakota School of Mines & Technology’s Hardrockers. After 474 yards of offensive play, Mines reversed their loss a week before with a 52-24 victory. Junior Clay Garcia led the CSM offense, gaining 415 yards and completing 24 out of 42 attempted passes.

CSM pulls out upset

The Colorado School of Mines men’s soccer team got a little piece of revenge Friday night, as they stunned the soccer community in pulling out the upset over the #1 Fort Lewis Skyhawks 1-0.

Fort Lewis, the reigning D-II men’s soccer national champions, ended the Orediggers season last year in the opening round of the tournament by a score of 3-0. Friday’s home game was a different story as the Colorado School of Mines controlled play for most of the first half, firing 5 shots and putting pressure on the Skyhawks defense.

Patrick Pravone

Minds at Mines: Trying something new

As the school year begins anew, things both commonplace and exciting are no more. Summertime is but a pleasant memory – that summer job, staying in bed past six in the morning, going to bed late at night or early in the morning just for the heck of it, that concept formerly known as “free time…” Yet, as many good things do, it is not a surprise that summer too has come to an end. That said, the end of summer brings with it many new things, some good, others not so much. There are new classes, roommates, jobs, homework assignments, schools, and sleep schedules. New worries and anxiety ridden days and weeks before exams. In times like these, when it is tempting to mourn those lazy mornings and summer tans, it is important to remember that just because summer is over does not mean that there is no time to try some new, fun things as well. In addition to work and school, there is play. Perhaps it is a new club to try, a new plan for success, or a job from which personal satisfaction is derived – a chance to think every time a new piece of information is filed, “I don’t have to ask about a person’s desire for fries…” This week as the weather was kind enough to remind us of the bygone days of summer vacation, Minds at Mines wanted to know, Who’s trying something new?

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