Athlete of the week: Megan Woodworth, Sophomore, Soccer

In a school famed for its solid educational background, it comes as no surprise that for the past three years the Colorado School of Mines Women’s Soccer team has produced the RMAC Academic Women’s Soccer Player of the Year. For the 2010 edition, it was CSM sophomore Megan Woodworth who received the honor. Woodworth, currently deciding between mechanical and chemical engineering majors, sports a perfect 4.0 GPA during her time at Mines. To qualify for an All-Academic honor, an athlete must complete at least two semesters at their school and hold at least a 3.30 GPA. A total of 11 athletes were named to the All-Academic First Team. Of these 11, Woodworth was the only student to be unanimously selected to the first team and one of only two to hold unblemished 4.0 GPAs.

As a freshman, Woodworth started 24 of 25 games tallying 8 goals, second best on the squad. Now she is helping to lead a Lady Orediggers team that is currently fifth in the RMAC despite the transition to a new head coach and the loss of some key players from last season. This year, the sophomore from Centennial, Colorado, leads Mines in points (18) and assists (6) and is second in goals (7). For her efforts, both on and off the field, Woodworth is this week’s Athlete of the Week.

Steven Wooldridge / Oredigger

[Oredigger] With such a busy schedule, how do you keep yourself motivated?
[Woodworth] You have to be good at time management definitely. But for me it is easier with soccer. I have school and practice during the day and it forces me to come home to study at night.

What would your ideal job be when you graduate?
I really want to go into the renewable energy area. I don’t know exactly what I want to be, either mechanical or chemical, but there is not one specific major that covers renewable energy. The idea of finding new sources of energy is interesting to me.

Favorite Class?
O-Chem is interesting, as hard as it is. I also really enjoyed Physics I and Statics.

Why did you come to Mines?
Living in Colorado, you hear about Mines, and about how everyone thinks only nerds go here. I actually thought I wouldn’t be here, but it is great that I’m here. It is definitely the best of both worlds, with school and soccer. It’s also nice to be close to home and
have my family come to all my games.

What is the hardest part about Mines?
It’s definitely a love-hate relationship. It’s just one thing after another, and sometimes you never really get a break. The toughest are away games. I remember a game we had in [Nebraska-Kearney] and we didn’t get home until 3 AM. We ended up having practice the next day on Saturday and a game on Sunday.

What other activities do you enjoy?
(Smiles) Soccer? I love soccer. But I’m also on [Student Activities Council] and our team volunteers at Mitchel Middle School. I like hiking and “outdoors-y” things like everyone else too.

What is the best part about being on the team?
Just the atmosphere and the team aspect of athletics. Everyone is going through the same things because here we all have similar classes. We don’t have one person in fashion and someone else in engineering. And we understand the workload and everyone has an attitude of helping out.

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