Mind at Mines: How were exams?

With the recent passing of Career Day, Mines students are in a frenzy to make their GPAs much more impressive for potential employers. Therefore, the big question presented by Minds at Mines this week is, “How do you feel after your first round of tests?”

I felt a little bit overwhelmed, but with two tests in one week, that amount of pressure can have an effect on any student. – Andrew Epperson

web_MartyCowell I feel like I must have missed my first exams because I have not taken any exams yet. – Marty Cowell

Maria Johnson – Like all well prepared students, the test I studied the most for I probably failed. The exam I spent maybe a few hours studying for, I probably did really well on. – Maria Johnson web_MariaJohnson

web_ZachHavens Okay. I felt like they were more difficult this semester than last semester, but that can easily be explained by the fact that I studied less. – Zach Havens

I have only had one exam so far, but I felt pretty good about it since I had studied a lot, and as a result it was pretty easy. Unfortunately my more difficult exams are yet to come. – Kelsi Nervik web_KelsiNervik

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