Music Review: Hindershot, It’s Only Blood

Hindershot, like many groups from our fine city, exists within a context of intersecting musicians and styles. While half of the group plays for alter-ego band Amazing Twin, Hindershot is lead-man Stuart Confer’s chance to take the limelight. Their songs are perhaps more focused, nostalgic, and slightly reminiscent of “yacht rock” groups from the 70’s and 80’s. Overall their sound can be described as modern indie-pop; everything has a touch of reverb and the drums don’t stray far from a dance-able four-on-the-floor beat.

On their newest release, a 7″ EP called It’s Only Blood, Hindershot keeps things interesting by not sticking to the same format for every song. On the opener/title track “It’s Only Blood” a constant march builds into a strong chorus. “The Mark” gets funky with falsetto’ed vocals and syncopated guitar while “Not Ready To Go” is a laid-back dance number. “Twisted Tongue” closes out the EP by asking, “Would you give me your iron lung? Would you please tame your twisted tongue?”

It’s Only Blood is perhaps a representation of larger trends percolating through Denver right now. It’s catchy but doesn’t sacrifice production value or sincerity. Musically speaking the instruments sound natural and the vocals have a mix of 90’s DIY aesthetic mixed with a healthy dose of reverb.

Hindershot will officially release It’s Only Blood on 7″ vinyl at the Hi-Dive on February 26th. Achille Lauro and Ken Arkind will also make appearances at that night’s “beach party” themed show.

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