Tim’s Two Cents: Being entrepreneurial

It is almost an unspoken rule nowadays: you’ve got to be an entrepreneur. Corporate cultures are shifting from the classic rank-and-file to a system where inventive, enterprising people get the jobs. Speaking from experience, nearly every job interview I have ever had has involved some question about being entrepreneurial.

Before diving further it may be a good exercise to look at some definitions. Dictionary.com defines entrepreneur as “a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.” While this definition does hit the major points, I believe it misses the driving forces behind the concept.

Goals. Hopes. Dreams. These are the motivations that push people to extraordinary achievements. Without solid goals and desire to succeed, no entrepreneurial project ever gets off the ground. Imagine what the world would be like if people were simply content to stay with the status quo- we’d still be riding horses for transport, using candles for light, and cooking over open fires. The point here is entrepreneurial goals are a tough itch to scratch because they require a craving for the fresh and new.

Networking. Networking. Networking. Many start-up companies that later became big (there are too many examples to list here) would still be nothing more than thoughts on paper if it weren’t for the power of connection. While the word “network” seems to be a bit of modern buzz, the concept is as old as time. The idea is this: with connection come resources. In order to see an idea get off the ground outside funding may be a necessity. By presenting a clear vision and ambitious goal others may often “catch the vision” and jump on board your project.

However, entrepreneurship does not have to be huge or relate directly to business. Have you seen something on campus that you want to change? Do you know a better way of doing things than everyone else? Are you willing to take a risk?

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