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Opinion: Thoughts on “Max Borders on regulation”

In his video, “Max Borders on regulation,” Mr. Borders presents his argument that American government regulates its industries too severely. Borders cites his personal experience of trying to sell barbecue sauce at a local farmer’s market. When he was referred to the county, Mr. Borders ran into “a wall of red tape.” He commented that the county required “an army of health inspectors” to confirm his house as a safe business premises. Eventually, Borders decided the hassle of getting permission to sell at the farmer’s market was more trouble than it was worth.

2011 National Championship Week Wrap Up

As many students were busy planning their spring break plans, athletes from five different varsity sports competed at their respective NCAA Division II National Championships, hoping to earn an individual title. Eight athletes from the wrestling, men’s and women’s track, and men’s and women’s swimming and diving teams each represented Mines in their event. In honor of their performance at the national level, here are their results.


Athlete of the Week: Kelly Unkrich, Sophomore, Softball

In the past decade, only four Mines Softball pitchers have held their opponents hitless for an entire game. Now, Lady Oredigger Kelly Unkrich can add her name to that list. Unkrich, a sophomore from Highlands Ranch, Colorado, became the fifth Mines pitcher since 2001 to toss a no-hitter during a March 6 victory over New Mexico Highlands University. In just her second year of collegiate competition, the civil engineer has been named RMAC pitcher of the week twice, pitched 20 complete games and is currently on a six-game winning streak.

Students unsure about Spring Break

CSM’s seniors showed some confusion last week about the scheduled “break.” Many attempted to show up for class or turn in homework, and a few professors followed suit, worsening the situation. Others thought that they were attending classes even though they were not. Said mechanical engineering senior John Noble, “Spring break? Isn’t that in June…

Tim’s Two Cents: Traditions

Tradition is one of those qualities that separate the exceptional from the average. There are a few characteristics within tradition: pride, community, history, and shared experience. On a macro level all of humanity recognizes the traditions that coincide with the stages of life: celebration of a birth or marriage, mourning and remembrance at funerals. Moving down the scale we pass religious and national traditions, finally arriving at the microcosm that is CSM.

Morals for your story: 3-21-11

I recently got a test back, and I was very happy with my score. While going through the test, though, I noticed some mistakes that the grader had missed. I really do not want grade to be diminished, but at the same time I do not want to be walking away with a score I didn’t earn. Should I bring the test to the teacher’s attention, and throw myself on his mercy with the possibility of him lowering the test grade? I could, also, just keep my grade and be happy with it. What is the moral thing to do?
–Test Results Aren’t Always Clearly Positive or Negative

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