Faculty Spotlight: James Studholme

“I thought of Mines as untouchable. I grew up in the shadow of that ‘M,'” Liberal Arts Professor James Studholme said as he told the story of how he came to teach at Colorado School of Mines. Born and raised in Colorado, Studholme received his undergraduate degree from Colorado College in Colorado Springs. He fondly remembers playing football at Colorado College and competing against Mines, “It was always the last game of the season… a big deal for both schools.” From Colorado College, Studholme went on to receive a master’s degree in Creative Writing and English Literature from the University of Colorado at Boulder. When the opportunity arose to teach at Mines, he could not pass it up. “When I interviewed for the job, I just fell in love with it,” said Studholme.

Studholme is entering his fifth year teaching Nature and Human Values at Mines and enjoys spending time in the Liberal Arts and International Studies Writing Center when time permits. “That is one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had at Mines,” said Studholme. As with most English and writing teachers, he likes to read fiction and poetry in his spare time. But he is also a big college football fan, enjoys music, and yoga. At Colorado College, he “dabbled in film studies” before it was a recognized class there, and he continues to enjoy films to this day.

A part-time professor, Studholme relishes his free time. “Teaching is the perfect job for being able to travel. It’s great.” Already, the Liberal Arts Professor has visited many places across the globe. When studying for his master’s he got the chance to take classes as Leicester University in England, as well as to teach at comprehensive schools in both the Leicester area and in Melbourne, Australia. And he especially loves to travel with his family as he has taken numerous trips throughout Europe with his daughter. But Studholme continues to look for ways to expand his horizon. “There are still places I would like to go, Asia – India especially,” said Studholme.

It is obvious when Studholme speaks about Mines that he really does love to be here. “Even the commute from Boulder isn’t so bad… it’s beautiful,” said Studholme. When he is not in Stratton Hall teaching or in the Writing Center helping students with their papers, you will probably find him at the Book & Brew in Arthur Lakes Library, “a great place,” according to Studholme. He is hardly ever seen without a B&B coffee cup in hand!

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