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Athlete of the Week: Cory Bacon, Senior, Golf

They have by far the longest and least known schedule of all of the Oredigger Athletics. When the football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, and swimming seasons each came and went, the Men’s Golf team quietly kept on practicing. And now, only a few weeks from the end of the spring semester, their work is nearly complete. The Division II Men’s Golf Championship is only a month away, and the Orediggers are considered to be a strong candidate to win the West Super Regional and compete for the first time in the national championship.

Club Sport of the Week: Women’s Soccer

The first written document related to the history of soccer can be found in a 300 B.C. Chinese war manual that was used by men to familiarize themselves with their version of the sport, which included kicking a ball (made out of pig bladders or stuffed leather) through a hole in a cloth tied between two poles. There is no reference to women playing this version of the sport, but can be found depicted in a Han Dynasty fresco (circa 200 C.E.) which clearly shows two female figures playing with what is believed to be a leather ball.

More women tackle engineering

As evidenced by the ratio of males-to-females at Mines, it is safe to say that most engineers in the world today are males. However, the reason for this disproportion is not because males are naturally more gifted in engineering than their female counterparts according to Dr. Erin Cech of Stanford University, who recently presented on Gender and Engineering at a SWE Hennebach lecture.

Graduate school application tips

Although most Mines students will end their academic career with a full-time job, some will chose instead to continue their education at graduate school. For these students, physics senior Levi Miller, along with Dr. Frederic Sarazin, Dr. Reuben Collins, and fellow senior Matthew Stilwell offered a short presentation and panel discussion of the graduate school application process, especially for physics students.


Mayor of Golden is jailed supporting Mines

The mayor of Golden, Marjorie Sloan, was put in jail last week along with Dr. Patrick Kohl, Dr. Bob Knecht, associate dean of students Derek Morgan, and many others. They posted their bails and helped a good cause by spending time behind bars. The money from each bail was given to the Alpha Phi Foundation as part of Alpha Traz, an annual event hosted by the Alpha Phi Sorority.

Scientific Discoveries: 4-9-12

Wuhan, China – Medical professionals in developing countries have long wondered how to sterilize medical instruments and cleanse patients of bacteria without all of the conveniences of a modern hospital. Lately, a group of researchers in China is working on a new technology that would allow doctors to use a flashlight to destroy bacteria. This device projects a beam of cold plasma from a cylinder that resembles a flashlight, and the cold plasma destroys any bacteria within a few moments of contact. This new technology will allow hospitals in developing countries to sterilize wounds and medical instruments quickly and easily, without the equipment normally required at a modern hospital.

Letter to the Editor: 4/9/12

Dear Editor,

On March 7th, 2012, I anxiously attended Bruce Bramfitt’s talk on the metallurgy of the Titanic. The presentation, which was reported as the cover story of last week’s Oredigger, did not meet my expectations. It contained several significant errors – errors which were unfortunately passed along in Ian Mertz’s cover story. I cannot compete with Dr. Bramfitt’s knowledge on the topic of metallurgical engineering, but I have devoted years of study to all things having to do with the Titanic saga. The bottom line is, Dr. Bramfitt may be an expert on steel, but he doesn’t know much about the Titanic.


Minds at Mines: Test superstitions and rituals

Among the most stressful activities at Mines are exams. For some exams studying makes all the difference, however, for others studying does not have much of an effect and most students tend to do poorly regardless of preparation. It is for the latter that extra steps must be taken. Any superstition or ritual that can help increase grades must be followed. This week, Minds at Mines asks, “What superstitions or rituals have you heard of or perform to improve grades on tests and assignments?”

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