Tech Break: New music discovering websites

Looking for music on the Internet can be a great way to discover something new, but instead of traversing numerous sites and only finding poor covers of hard to appreciate music, check out these three websites that are free, efficient, easily accessible, and guaranteed to help you discover music that suites your tastes.

The first of the three is Live Plasma, a “discovery engine” started in 2005. It is not a new service, but is still relatively unknown. An easy to use site, Live Plasma has a sleek web design with a single search bar where one may enter any artist they enjoy. The site generates a vast web of artists related to a search. The most beneficial part of using Live Plasma is the lack of a skip count, and the ability to burn through artists until you find one you enjoy.

If searching is too much effort to put into finding artists, 8 Tracks may be the ideal music discovery website. 8 Tracks is a user-focused website, where users create individualized playlists as they see fit. Each of the playlists have tags which users may search for. Some are more useful for the standard college student like “study” or “workout.” Unlike Live Plasma, 8 Tracks has a three skip limit, but this limit is only restricted to three skips per playlist. So simply changing your playlist restores your skips.

The last of the music discovery websites is the Kollection. The Kollection is a music blog, but unlike other music focused blogs on the internet, the Kollection has a wide variety of genres and types of music categorized in individual Kollections (Electro Kollection, Indie Kollection, etc.). The Kollection is a group contribution, with about seven different Kollectors, providing a wide variety of covers, remixes, and originals that are sure to appeal to you in one way or another.

One of the most beneficial aspects of the Kollection is its dealing with artists that provide many mixtapes and singles for downloads. Another is Kollection’s fully downloadable mixtapes, that are often labeled for special occasions. Recently the Kollection has released a summer, St. Patrick’s Day, and a back-to-school playlist for your enjoyment.

If you are out of new music, look no further than Live Plasma, 8 Tracks, and the Kollection.

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