Nano provides cheaper option, efficient storage

In today’s day and age, consolidating technology into one device seems to be the attractive option in a fast paced society. However, when attempting to combine a phone, a camera, and a music player, storage becomes an immediate issue. Eventually, deleting content is the way to manage this issue. Reversing the seemingly convenient trend of amalgamation is the 7th generation iPod Nano.Why would devolving to use an entirely different electronic device solve any issues?

The Nano answers with a small, sleek design and plenty of storage at a reasonable price. For around $150, there is 16 gigabytes of undivided space available, which equates to around 2000-2500 songs. Additionally, the 7th generation features Bluetooth™ compatibility— something that is missed in many of the older generation iPods. Featuring a touch screen, the 7th generation iPod Nano is as cute as a miniature iPhone. At 3 inches tall and 1.5 inches wide, the small profile is a mixed blessing.

Android and iPhones are becoming bigger and bigger, and their applicability as music-playing devices during a workout becomes severely limited. The small size of the Nano fits perfectly into a pocket, but can also be easy to lose or harm. While the handiness in small size and with large storage is an obvious benefit of the newest iPod, it becomes susceptible to damage or loss. Using a Nano without a case or screen protector feels rather unsafe.

Fortunately, there are plenty of case options available, like the sturdy roocase™ with an attached clip for even more accessibility to attach to shorts or pants during a workout or run. Also, with the combination of the case clip and small size, you are freed from the annoyance of sweaty armbands that constantly need adjustment.

The iPod Nano features limited options for customization or modifications. One can rearrange applications to fit preferences and even choose from a simple selection of backgrounds. While not a selling point, the lack of adaptability does not feel like a shortcoming on this device. Considering an iPod Nano to supplement a smart phone removes the need for immense personalization.

If you are buying your iPod for the purpose playing music, it works wonderfully without the hassle of cumbersome size and diminishing storage space.

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