Minds at Mines: Homecoming

After battling through a tough first round of exams, students were able to relax and enjoy some entertainment during this year’s homecoming festivities. Compared to past homecoming events, this year’s was no doubt highlighted by the postponed E-days fireworks show. In honor of Mines Spirit, this week, Minds at Mines asks, “How was your homecoming and what did you think of the fireworks?”

Christian Kratt
“Homecoming was fun, just a little bit disappointed that we couldn’t get it done today on the football field, But the fireworks were amazing. I couldn’t really believe they were made by Mines students, that was incredible.”

Stephen-Candelaria Stephen Candelaria
“I guess you could call the game kind of bitter, yet the fireworks were utterly spectacular, the fact that we have this kind of talented students in our student body makes me proud. Being a part of something like this and watching such spectacular fireworks knowing that my peers made them is just great.”

Drew Stimson
“I only went to the football game for band and the fireworks. I enjoyed the fireworks a lot.”

Michelle-Griffith Michelle Griffith
“I didn’t attend any homecoming events. I saw the fireworks, they were totally sick. The mining department made them.”

Karen Gilsdorf
“The fireworks were some of the best I have ever seen, they were tight and I’m gonna minor in explosives now. I worked at the football game and I’m in a sorority, so I actually helped with a float.”

Charlie-Kruse Charlie Kruse
“I was pretty disappointed that the fireworks show wasn’t last E-Days but it was well worth the wait. The slip and slide was pretty cool and the game and tailgate were fun. Granted they didn’t play very well, but it was fun.”

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