Thai Gold: A humble little restaurant that boasts great food

“I used to be in risk management. So, I thought, what could be riskier than opening up your own restaurant?” Jim Abajian, a native of Washington D.C., opened a restaurant in Golden last December with his wife and her friend. He noticed a lack of Thai restaurants in Golden and decided to remedy that. So, he opened Thai Gold, a restaurant that deals solely in Thai food.

In Washington, D.C., Abajian frequented a Thai restaurant where he met his future wife, Fa Patsorn, a native of Thailand. He admired how well she and her friend, who goes by Vipa, made food. After visiting Golden, Abijian decided to open a restaurant here and brought Fa and Vipa to be the head chefs. “When I decided to open a restaurant here in Golden, I insisted that Fa bring her friend along,” said Abijian. “They have recipes that go back decades. No, generations. Their family recipes go back generations.”

All of their food is authentic Bangkok cuisine. Their foods include curries, seafood, salads, beef, duck, and many other delicious options at decent prices. Thai Gold has several imported beers from Thailand, Japan, and China. They even serve sake.

Thai Gold also boasts several spicy dishes. Their rankings go from one chili to ten chilies with one being the mildest and ten being the hottest. Rankings above three are not included on the menu but are available by special request. “We do get several customers asking for the really hot dishes,” said Abijian, with a sly grin. “They have two glasses of water ready. You can tell by their faces that they are really enjoying it.” Thai Gold also serves vegetarian and gluten-free versions of nearly all their meals upon request.

Thai Gold boasts authentic Thai decorations that adorn the walls and woodwork. “We included several designs from north Thailand,” said Abijian. “They really complement the house.” The building housing Thai Gold was constructed in 1907 and was originally a home. The house obviously boasts early twentieth century architecture, and yet the Thai decorations and woodwork complement the old house well. It gives the restaurant a Thai atmosphere and a timeworn American feel that blend almost natural together. The restaurant’s atmosphere reflects the owners’ American and Thai union.

Thai Gold is an excellent restaurant born from the hard work of Jim and Fa Abajian and Vipa as well as their talented staff. It is located on 714 14th Street in downtown Golden. The restaurant’s atmosphere gives an authentic Thai and subtle American appeal. The next time you are in Golden, seek out this fantastic and economical restaurant.

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