Gear Review: Rock Hammer

Like any Mines student, you are probably in the market for a new rock hammer. Fortunately, your search can be complete after you acquire the Estwing Pointed Tip Rock Hammer. This rock hammer is extremely gneiss as it boasts spectacular one-piece forging—just one of the reasons why Estwing sets the industry standard for rock hammers. Most importantly, all Estwings are made in ‘Merica.

Because the hammer is forged as one piece, it offers superior strength and durability. There is often variation in the design and function of a rock hammer, but thiss’on right here comes with a whacking end and a prying end. Warnings strongly advise the sharper end of the head to be used exclusively for prying. However, the juicy centers of rocks can be exposed by the brute force of the blunt, square end of the hammer. Responsibility and safety is key when wielding a rock hammer, and it is also advised to always wear eye protection when using the hammer. Fragments of rock may chip off at high velocity. At first sight, the rock hammer appears menacing, and for good reason. According to a school-unfriendly online encyclopedia, In the hands of a well-trained geologist, the hammer has been known to cause rocks to begin running in hopes of escape.

Rock hammers are also commonly used to provide scale in a photograph of a rock bed. When using the classy yet stunning Estwing for such purposes, people notice. You may find yourself becoming the talk of Berthoud Hall and even geology conventions across the nation.

You may find yourself asking, “Who gives a schist about a rock hammer?” But in reality, who doesn’t love breaking things? Now realizing that you need a rock hammer, you might ask, “But where will I keep the hammer in cases that call for immediate access?” Estwing answers with an all-leather carrying sheath, which can be attached to a belt for style, comfort, and accessibility. Speaking of style, this rock hammer comes complete with an exquisite and original leather grip.

If you are still not convinced about the necessity for a rock hammer, then you are one of the few people that just do not appreciate shiny rocks or the outdoors. However, for those people who possess a true yearning for a new rock hammer, the Estwing Pointed Tip will not disappoint, as it offers the construction and craftsmanship that will last a lifetime. Additionally, the Estwing offers aesthetically pleasing design and comfortable weight balance, so do not take the hammer for granite. After all, who knows when you will stumble upon a geode containing precious minerals or a sandstone containing a fossil of an undiscovered dinosaur species? Without this Estwing rock hammer, you will never be able to expose and embrace the glimmering bounties of geology.

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