Daily Archives: August 21, 2013

A message from the CSM President

Welcome to the Colorado School of Mines. What an exciting time to be an Oredigger! Mines continues to be one of the premier engineering and applied science schools in the country, and we just keep getting better. There many exciting new facilities, programs, and services available on campus as we continue to fulfill our goal of excellence.
Our focus is now to help you reach your goals. You want to be a part of the next generation of scientists and engineers to address global challenges and opportunities affecting the earth, energy sectors, and the environment.

Upon your arrival, before your classes

You’ve applied, you’ve been accepted, you’ve agreed to come, and now all that awaits you in your quest to begin college is to, well, actually begin college. Perhaps you are moving across the country, or perhaps just across town. Perhaps you can’t wait to strike out on your own, perhaps you are apprehensive. Most likely, you have just finished high school or a gap year, but it is also possible you have a lot more life experience under your belt. Whatever your background, Mines will be challenging, but rewarding.

This is a calculator-free zone

The first reaction of many students upon hearing that they are headed to the Colorado School of Mines for a high-quality engineering education is that they are going to require a much more powerful calculator. Wait just one second, though: before you go out and spend three hundred dollars on a brand new TI or Casio, you should be warned that you will have few chances to use it.

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