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The Stars Above Mines: Observing the moon

Few stellar bodies are as heavily featured in society as the Moon. Sure Mars and Venus have had their day in the sun in science fiction, but no one offers to kiss under a full Venus or pull Mars closer for the love of their life. Beyond being a symbol of love and passion, the Moon has represented its share of human symbols. The changing phases have been conscripted to represent the cycle of life and death, they have been used by farmers for millenniums to chart months, and countless children’s tales involve dancing on a slightly less than full moon. Humanity has an obsession with our closest celestial neighbor and for good reason. The tides keep the top few layers of the ocean in motion and the closeness of our natural satellite has allowed for an easy target for our fledgling space programs.


Music Review – Give Up: a Decade in Review

It stands to reason that if an album is deemed to be good in one decade, that it can move up to excellent if it makes it to the next and retains its original character. “Give Up” by the depressingly short-lived indie electronica group The Postal Service is up for a decade review after it hit its tenth birthday this past summer. In a time before dubstep, the album was charming and quirky, it played with the listener like a puppy just learning to play catch. Every song it brought up was new and original and slightly different from the last. While it may not have been exactly mainstream, the album was perfect in 2003. So the question is, does the album hold up in the decidedly more pensive and pessimistic era of 2013? Upon relisten, each song is still factory fresh.

Lady Orediggers stay hot despite cold weather

The No. 8 Colorado School of Mines women’s soccer team continued their excellent season Friday night at home against New Mexico Highlands. Winning by a score of 3-0, the Lady Orediggers dismantled their opponent in frigid 30 degree weather. Mines (8-0-1, 5-0-0 RMAC) continued their record 23-game unbeaten streak and recorded their seventh shutout this season, out of nine games.

Golfweek Division II Fall Invitational proves to be difficult for Orediggers

The top-ranked Colorado School of Mines golf team had a rough time at the Golfweek Division II Fall Invitational in Oregon this week, finishing the tournament 11th out of 15 competing schools and 53 strokes behind champion California State-Monterey Bay. Senior Kyle Grassel was the Orediggers’ highest finisher, ending up tied for 26th and 16 shots behind winner Brandon Hortt of CSU-Monterey Bay.


Minds at Mines: Favorite Element

The Mines campus is one of the few settings where nerds can talk about their favorite elements. Some are practical, such as nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon while others are favorites of the explosive-loving students. Some elements are favorites purely because of their name, such as Krypton. This week, Minds at Mines went around campus asking, “What is your favorite element and why?”

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