A Colorado Baseball Fan’s Guide to Watching the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is a welcome event in any baseball fan’s life, for it is the final hurdle before making it to Spring Training. Below are a few tidbits to help get through the hype:

Food: Nothing beats a hotdog in the summer, but pizza and hot wings will have to do. Just eat more French fries…that will make things better.

The Circle of Life: Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was drafted by the Rockies in 2010 in the fourth round, but he decided to do football. But that is okay because the Rockies drafted Todd Helton and held onto him forever, even though he was Peyton Manning’s backup quarterback at Tennessee. Who would have guessed that years after their college days, Todd would be telling Peyton how great Denver is to live in when Manning was being wooed by the Broncos.

Enjoy winning: For those who are Colorado natives and are rooting for the home team Broncos, savor what it feels like to win. Yeah, it has been a long time since the Rockies were in their league’s championship game in 2007. In fact, none of the four major league Denver sports teams had made it to their league championship game in six years before this year’s Broncos. Wow. Has it really been over six years since the magic of the Rockies’ 2007 run? Try not to cry. Try to be happy for the Broncos. Okay. No, yeah, go ahead and cry.

The Countdown: The first day of MLB Spring Training, marked by pitchers and catchers reporting, is on Saturday, February 15. That is 28days from the Super Bowl. Opening Day 2014 is 72 days from Super Bowl 48, and the Rockies home openener is four days after that. And for those eager for baseball to start, the CSM Digger squad will take the field in Texas for their opening series the weekend of February 15.

Baseball season, hurry hurry!

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